Venom (Fleischer, 2018)

> Date Seen: 5th October 2018 <
-Spoilers Alert-

When I heard they were making a new ‘Venom’ film with Tom Hardy playing the lead I was very excited to see what they did with this and hoped they would take the character to a greater place than the previous adaptation within Spider-Man 3 (Raimi, 2007).

“Eyes! Lungs! Pancreas! So many snacks, so little time!”

Venom, Venom (Fleischer, 2018)

The trailer certainly showed that the special effects and CG departments on this film were top-notch. The film itself showing one of the greatest CG shots I have seen in a while when these two symbiote-human hybrids pull apart in slow-mo mid fight, showing each strand of the symbiotes ripping off from the humans. Breath taking in a fast-paced action scene.

The film itself sets up the story and background as we see what Eddie Brock is like and his ambition as he seeks to find the truth as a reporter and comes across Calton Drake (played by Riz Ahmed) and his experiments with Space and Alien Life.

When Brock ends up attaching to the Alien Life Venom we see some rather drastic [and comical] changes take place in the character as he discovers more evil in Drake and his company and the powers of Venom.

Overall this film is thrilling and entertaining with the great talent of Tom Hardy playing both Eddie Brock and Venom, becoming this bold anti-hero icon in the comic universe. [Also make sure to wait around for the credit scenes!]

– Photograph in Feature Image © Venom by Ruben Fleischer

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