Relaxation and Sunshine

Day Four to Six – 04.08.18 to 06.08.18 – Lisbon to Lagos

After making our way to Lagos by a hire car driving over Portugal we spent the week in Lagos at the Villa we had originally booked out when planning this holiday for the week. The journey was rather easy along the not too busy roads, seeing many different Cork Trees next to the tracks, such unusual trees in shape and colour with the vibrant orange-browns of the material around the bark.

Cork Trees

Birthday Celebrations

This travel day also turned out to be my birthday, turning 23, it’s always very different celebrating a birthday on holiday than at home I find as in this case I was away from friends and with my family. You also cannot bring too many things with you on holiday and you must therefore find the birthday things which is always interesting and makes for a unique birthday. In this case we didn’t have much luck finding a proper cake but we did visit the town and go out for a lovely birthday meal at ‘Don Toro Angus Steakhouse‘. With a great fresh tomato, mozzarella and pesto salad for starter – something we are definitely going to recreate at home. And a gorgeous medium rare steak and chips for main this made for a great first night in Lagos.

Don Toro Angus Steakhouse

Lagos Villa

The Villa we were staying at was beautiful too, so much bigger than expected and with some lovely décor. The man who owns the place must also like his gadgets as he had them all, although most of them seemed to be either setup in a bad way that made them difficult or useless to use or they didn’t have the signal to work properly [such as the Wi-Fi]. But technology aside the place was perfect for some time off from work and the World of Home.

Villa in Lagos Villa in Lagos

Gorgeous Gardens

And so over these few days I found myself in the ultimate state of relaxation sitting in the sun reading. Taking on His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, and totally sucked into this wonderful world of different universes. And sketching, listening to music and swimming in-between. I also explored the area around the Villa with its beautiful gardens and these interesting little creatures fluttering about them that looked like hummingbirds and moths and we were right to think so as they are actually called Hummingbird Moths, they seem to really like the area but not bothered by us humans very much as they buzzed about the flowers throughout our time there.

Villa in Lagos Hummingbird Moths

Wine and Dine

We also had another meal out on the 6th, this time at a little Portuguese food restaurant ‘Lusana‘. Overall I think I chose the wrong meal as I saw octopus on the menu I could not resist but the seafood seemed really wet rather than crispy and they had put far too much salt on it so it was not as enjoyable as hoped. They had a lovely selection of wine however which redeemed them enough in the end.



So far the time in Lagos was just as hoped it would be, tranquil and enjoyable in the Portuguese Warmth. And with more days off doing nothing much at all I can really take this time to recharge.

Villa in Lagos


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