A Star Is Born (Cooper, 2018)

> Date Seen: 27th September 2018 <

-Spoilers Alert-

Bradley Cooper is well known for his acting skills having been in many successful films over the years such as The Hangover (Phillips, 2009) and Silver Linings Playbook (O. Russell, 2012). But what I didn’t know was his musical and directing skills which have been well shown throughout this film.

“You know Maine, in the old days, I always knew, like, you were gonna do something. That you’d be alright. It’s the first time I’m worried about you.”

Noodles, A Star Is Born (Cooper, 2018)

It is a truly emotional film this one – so raw and real with it’s depictions of addiction and depression you are just taken aback by the film and it stays with you long after you finish it. The story is a remake of A.Wellman’s 1937 film by the same name but developed for a more modern audience as we see a famous singer Jackson Maine [played by Bradley Cooper] come across a greatly talented singer-songwriter Ally [played by Lady Gaga] and brings her into the fame and success she deserves as they fall in love and get married. He is however dealing with addiction and depression [as previously mentioned in the depictions of the film] and the film explores how this affects him and those he loves.

This film is so powerful with the amazing acting of the main two, especially exciting to see Lady Gaga in such an emotional role as Ally. And she is perfect, really bringing those raw feelings of the film to it’s audience.

As Cooper has obviously seen in this story [and expressed in Ally’s character] the film really has something to say and I think it is really worth the listen – just perhaps take some tissues!


– Photograph in Feature Image © A Star Is Born by Bradley Cooper

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