Mile 22 (Berg, 2018)

> Date Seen: 11th September 2018 <

-Spoilers Alert-

Full of action from the start this film follows a group of agents in the special and very secretive group ‘Overwatch’ fighting terrorism in the US. They end up on an assignment to protect a seemingly double agent for information on the whereabouts of some chemical weapons.

“That’s the real weapon of mass destruction: A killer who looks like a hero.”

James Silva, Mile 22 (Berg, 2018)

The beginning builds up a little background to the main characters in the team and their relationships between each other and their work. The lead man of action is of course that of Mark Wahlberg‘s character James Silva. An extremely intelligent if slightly off-base when it comes to the more ‘personal’. And with no family ties he makes for a great agent leading the team on ground to their final destination.

Their package being that of Li Noor [played by Iko Uwais] this even more intelligent agent with some incredible fighting abilities, seeing him get out and survive some situations that seemed totally impossible. This film really is intense with constant action feeling on this mission throughout. It also had one of the most visual of fight scenes I have seen in a long time with a man’s neck and a broken car window.

And so if you want an action packed intense thrill ride of a film to see in the cinema than Mile 22 is the film for you – with it’s well deserved 18 audience rating.


– Photograph in Feature Image Mile 22 © by Peter Berg

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