The Happytime Murders (Henson, 2018)

> Date Seen: 5th September 2018 <

-Spoilers Alert-

Being from a puppet-making course at University I am always excited to see the new things of the industry. So of course hearing of this mainstream puppet film created for an adult audience I was intrigued.

“If shit gets crazy I’m gonna go crazy as shit.”

Phil Philips, The Happytime Murders (Henson, 2018)

This film follows a rough puppet PI and former cop as he ends up in the middle of a series of murders of the Happytime Gang members (an old TV show with puppets and a human in this World of puppets living with humans but being the minority and treated such).

Following PI Phil Phillips in his day-to-day detecting we run into some crazy over-the-top adult moments with these puppets such as porno films being made, sex being had and an awful lot of drug use. This is the simple immature comedy that I had expected of the film after seeing the trailer.

However there was this proper murder mystery story throughout, although still with the over-the-top style, it made for a much more interesting story that I had thought the film would have had going into the cinema.

Overall I know this film isn’t as great as it could have been and would want for a puppet film as an enthusiast. However I had low expectations from the trailer and was surprised in parts and found the exaggerated humour a comedic film to watch after a shift at work.


– Photograph in Feature Image © The Happytime Murders by Brian Henson

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