King of Thieves (Marsh, 2018)

> Date Seen: 4th September 2018 <

-Spoilers Alert-


One of the great features of the Unlimited Card with Cineworld Cinemas is the chance to see films earlier than release with Unlimited Screenings. This being my first with the star-studded cast film about the Hatton Garden Robbery back in 2015.

“If anyone’s the weak link it’s Brian.
Brian and Kenny.
Yeah, Brian and Kenny. And Billy.”

Danny Jones and Terry Perkins, King of Thieves (Marsh, 2018)

What drew me to this film was the casting choice with some of the old greats such as Michael Caine, Jim Broadbent and Tom Courtney (playing the roles of Brian Reader, Terry Perkins and John Kenny Collins). And with such talents playing the old gang who did the ‘largest burglary in English legal history’ it makes for an entertaining film.

The film was rather comedic seeing the work dynamic of this group of retired guys trying to pull of this last job. First of all with seeing all these great actors (who you usually see as really likable characters in their films who don’t usually swear) swearing their heads off throughout the film with these rough character roles.

Secondly with the true show of how criminals would be with the thick no trust of others that can lead to mistakes. In this film’s case they didn’t trust the gang and underestimated the ‘weak’ new young guy nicknamed Basil who ended up taking all the big parts in the theft.

All in all this is a good show of the heist gang personalities wrapped up in a dramatic package with great actors strengthening it.



– Photograph in Feature Image © King of Thieves by James Marsh

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