V&A Jewellery

This is a wonderful breathtaking Collection of Jewellery and one of the best sets of them all in one place that I have ever seen, which is why I have gone to see it several times before. This time I went with a friend of mine, who had never been before, Back in June on a day trip to London. These are some of the highlights from that day..


V&A Jewellery

  • These brooch-like trinkets are elegantly made with fine craftsmanship (no pun intended)
  • The large ship piece being my favourite with the different methods and materials used to make the shapes of it, it is so clever. Gold chains used for the ropes, gems for the outside details and curved pieces for sails. It all makes it come to life


V&A Jewellery

  • These little pieces caught my eye at first because they were small and wanted to work out what the designs were within them
  • Once I realised they were all gothic skull designs there I couldn’t help but love them more. It just shows that the use of skulls in work has been used throughout history and in many different forms and styles


V&A Jewellery

  • These were really eye catching with the used of two different materials in this way, it is the perfect way of showing these characters, especially with the headdress white with the gem pink skin
  • It is also amazing how small and delicate these really are, it is hard to see here but they are about 4-5cm tall overall, so to get such small details within the faces is amazing


V&A Jewellery

  • I love the idea of things made that are one thing and made to look like another thing, in this case you can see some jewellery made to look like flowers and others such as the crown that looks like a bed of coral
  • The crown being most interesting as the bright colourful material is actually coral and so it feels like it comes full circle with a piece of jewellery made from coral to look like coral


V&A Jewellery

  • This bracelet is another that brings to mind a full circle, this time literally as we see the Ouroboros like symbol but with a goat
  • The swirls and patterns produced around this piece are beautiful, lots of details just like mandala patterns


V&A Jewellery

  • This golden crown is immediately striking, you can see it expressing a great sense of power to someone wearing one
  • All the details within it, repeated around the crown, are what make it stand out so. It is cleverly designed that it stands out boldly golden from afar and more delicately decorated when you move forward to see more detail


V&A Jewellery

  • These are another,this time set, of jewellery pieces that are made based on the image of another thing. In this case fruit grapes in these beautiful pearls shaped together
  • These are really striking and immediately make you think of the fruit and the leaves are realistic too in a matching golden colour


V&A Jewellery

  • This brooch stood out to me as I had recently visited the Royal Academy Exhibition ‘Charles I: King and Collector’ and so knew immediately when I opened up this draw of brooches that this was one of his portraits
  • Once again I am shocked by the amount of detail that has been produced within these miniature pieces, something I know I would love to be able to create myself too


V&A Jewellery

  • When I read the description of this piece of jewellery it was intriguing to know that there is actually hair within this brooch
  • It is lovely to think of this as a heartwarming keepsake for someone who had lost someone they had lost, it also struck me as the initials within the tiny piece are the same as my own


V&A Jewellery

  • I love the metalwork of clocks, they are so magical and beautiful. I think I find them so fascinating because metalwork is one of my weaker craft skills and this is such intricate work to make something so obviously beautiful that also  works as a clock
  • These are even more eye catching with the precious metals used to create them, they shine beautifully in the light


V&A Jewellery

  • I like the idea that even years ago there would be women with boxes of trinkets such as these, of course this woman would have been very rich with the gold and gems surrounding the items here
  • Each item is like a treasure itself kept in this treasure box that all link together with this golden motif on each of them



The V&A has one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of jewellery in the world. Over 3,000 jewels tell the story of jewellery in Europe from ancient times to the present day.

About Jewellery on Website

These are just a few snippets of the pieces within the V&A Jewellery Exhibition and there are many many more, if you haven’t visited the Collection before and are looking for something to do in London one day I would definitely recommend it.

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