How to Write Awesome Blog Posts

When I won the tickets for Blogtacular and started looking into the event and saw this title for one of the conference speeches I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. I love to write, when I was little I always wanted to be a writer but soon realised I did not have the talent and skills to write well for a living. However since University and starting up on Blogging my confidence has grown little by little. But I still feel my writing skills need work to make the posts I write well rounded and less ‘samey’ than it feels now. And so seeing Greta Solomon and this lecture I was really excited to learn from such a creative writing coach.


Micro-Blogging on Instagram

This was an interesting segment of the speech as it is something I never really thought about before. Greta went through some of the tips to make posts on Instagram as effective as possible. The main point being to be authentic, writing how you would speak, this being something I feel I am quite good at with my Instagram Posts. You must make sure to keep the posts short and put the main point in the beginning as it is found that many users of the app are unlikely to read a lot of words and so if you want them to absorb something then read it first.


Blog Posts

However when it comes to the blog posts you write, the length should depend on the content of the post, if it is something that is more of a quick read then make it so, if need more details give it them. They should also have the main point at the start to have the audience understand what the post is about in the beginning before reading on.


Mix and Match Building Blocks

The greatest tip I learned from this session with Greta was to Mix and Match the ‘Building Blocks’ of your writing. These were listed for us as different blocks such as Advice, Description or Feeling Statement. I found this useful as I have always felt that my own work was very ‘samey’ and not very sophisticated and so to be able to build on this and the interest of my writing I could use such hints in building up a written piece. And so I now try to write pieces out and then check through it and see how much I have mixed and matched the blocks to check these are varied enough. I would re-work and edit down these to make them just right too as also suggested within this talk.


These were just some of the many great things I learned hearing Greta Solomon speak at Blogtacular and so if you feel you want to build on your own writing I would recommend looking into Greta Solomon’s courses on her website here.

“Having a blog or online business is the ultimate journey in personal development

Keep writing. Keep learning. Keep sharing.”

Greta Solomon


– Photograph in Feature Image © Will Ireland

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