Incredibles 2 (Bird, 2018)

> Date Seen: 20th July 2018 <

-Spoilers Alert-

This is certainly a film I have wanted to see for many years but never expected until the poster was released as a teaser a couple years ago, so as a child who had seen the original film I was very excited to see this.

“Done properly, parenting is a heroic act.. done properly.”

Edna Mode, Incredibles 2 (Bird, 2018)

And so here is the much awaited sequel fourteen years after the original following on directly from the mole man attack. We see the Incredibles family chase the bad guy. However the messy way they do this confirms the governments unwillingness for masked superheroes.

They all continued in hiding until Helen is offered the chance to be Elastigirl in the hopes to build on the superhero cause. Having Bob become the stay-at-home dad.

This all made for a really exciting and comedic follow on as we see Helen becoming the badass crime-fighter once again as she saves people from disastrous scenarios and tracks the ‘bad guy’. With the funny home life scenes of Bob trying to cope with the many powered Jack-Jack. My favourite scene being that of when Bob takes Jack-Jack to stay with Edna for the night and those two become the most hilarious duo.

I found there were some parts of the film that were predictable and so knew what the end of the film would be. However I don’t think this deterred the enjoyment of the film overall. It was a great sequel to see how they all are doing since the first film [and rest those questioning that old cliffhanger] in an enjoyable storyline.


– Photograph in Feature Image © Incredibles 2 by Brad Bird

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