Defining Your Blog Persona to Attract Brands

A great thing I learned at Blogtacular was to embrace the power we have with our Blogs. That we are connecting with people and we should be aware of what we are putting out in the World, as this is how people will see us.

“Who is involved in this project”

Kat Molesworth

And so I give you.. Defining Your Blog Persona to Attract Brands with Kate Baxter and Jess Sims of Be More Hive

My Brand

Defining Your Blog Persona to Attract Brands I was taught that I am a brand and need to understand who it is my audience is. And so I took to trying to understand who would be interested in the creative endeavours that I write about here within My Blog. I mostly write about the projects I am working on and the things I visit and do such as exhibitions and shows. This would mean my audiences would generally have an interest in the arts, crafting or animation. This therefore leads me to this concept of Creatives and Passionates being my Audience [Hi Guys!]. Be More Hive recommended trying to create this idea of the person following you and think of them each time you write and to try re-do this task every couple of years as you too develop and change over time. [Some great examples of knowing who they are and their audience is within their Blogs being: Sarah Akwisombe and Cate St Hill]


Significant Stats

Defining Your Blog Persona to Attract Brands
Another point that Baxter and Sims taught within this workshop was the importance of stats and the things brands should know if you with to work with them. Think what you would pitch and what only you can do for them. Something I find rather unique to me within Blogtacular this year was that of my mixed media work I produce. I draw. I make. I photograph. I animate. I edit. I tell stories with whichever style my journey takes me, through my love for creativity and communication.


Crucial Questions

Defining Your Blog Persona to Attract Brands
They also went through some of the great “nitty gritty” points that Bloggers should do when working with brands. Such things as how to work out the sorts of payments you should be asking for a job and the sorts of questions you should be asking of a brand. All of it was amazing insight into the World of Brands and Bloggers that Be More Hive are trying to improve upon with more understanding for both sides of the spectrum to work together better. Although I am not planning to work with Brands right now this has really opened up my eyes to the possibilities with my Blog and the sorts of things I could be doing within my future.


– Photograph in Feature Image © Will Ireland

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