Tiffany Han – Raise Your Hand and Say Yes


The opening keynote speaker for the Blogtacular Conference was the inspirational designer life-coach Tiffany Han of Raise Your Hand and Say Yes. Discovering this wonderful woman was a real game changer in taking charge and doing creative things for me, I immediately downloaded the Podcast to my iPod and it truly is gripping and motivating. If any of you creatives haven’t heard of this woman and her work before go check it out now!

“Ditching all those things that aren’t working for you? Takes time.
Bravely stepping towards what you really want for yourself? Is uncomfortable.
Taking bold risks toward that business you’ve only up-until-now imagined for yourself? Is hard as hell.

Oh. And it’s also worth it AF. Shall we get going?”

Tiffany Han

Within this opening keynote Tiffany went over some great tips on how to build on your own creativity and make more out of yourself and your work. The three points that most stood out to me throughout this speech were:


Look Beyond the Numbers.

Tiffany Han at Blogtacular

Success is built on relationships. Do things for people, create stories and connect with them.

I find myself, like I am sure others do, comparing my social media numbers with others a lot of the time. But I am trying to quit this terrible habit and I focus on what it is I want to tell people and share with others rather than letting these numbers get me down and lose focus. If I tell stories and try to connect with people more than see them as numbers this makes me more ‘real’ and build on relationships with these audiences, which is far more successful than simply trying to impress and pretending to be something else to try be successful.


Let Yourself Be Led by Whatever You’re So Inspired by and Obsessed With


Blogtacular 2018 © Will Ireland
Tiffany Han at Blogtacular © Will Ireland

(if you’re bored, they’re bored!) If passionate it will come out in the end.

I try to stay focused on making things that I have come up with in my spare time and of course writing about these processes. I also love to write about events and things that I visit. These are all things I am passionate about and I hope my passion comes out in these things I write about. Although of course I would like to spend more of my time doing such creative endeavors but with my current retail job I do find less time to work on them. But I hope to one day soon focus more on what I am inspired by and obsessed with in my career as well as my personal work.


Set Up Creative Challenges

to help you step beyond your comfort zone and see what else is possible for you.

This is something I find really interesting, having a creative challenge to aim towards and hold one accountable to is definitely something I would like to try-out. In Tiffany’s case she is currently working on #ayearoftruthtalks, a really interesting hashtag on instagram with some great thoughts of each day.


Overall this was a lovely opening keynote for Blogtacular, bringing people up and giving some real talk and advice for all us creatives in the conference. This certainly setting us all up for the rest of the event with a positive buzz.


– Photograph in Feature Image © Will Ireland

3 responses to “Tiffany Han – Raise Your Hand and Say Yes”

  1. I agree Frankie, great post . Tiffany was so inspirational. I am still buzzing with Blogtacular ideas a month later. 😀

    1. Thanks! Me too. So much buzz from Blogtacular.

  2. I love that quote “(if you’re bored, they’re bored!) If passionate it will come out in the end.” So true – it’s easy to churn things out in a way that people expect you to. Great reminder of a brilliant opening session.

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