Petite Props a Plenty

It has been a while since I have been working solidly on one of my personal projects as I have been feeling rather drained with my work shifts recently. However with the inspiration of the last few weeks I have gotten back my drive to complete my piece of work.

To create these props I started with the design element, I wanted to make sure all the items look realistic and were all things you could actually get within the Argos Store. Starting with the reference images I took in our stockroom [of the shelves I took the measurements from] I found the items in the website through the search system. Finding them quickly with the unique catalogue numbers system we have there. Then I would find packaging images and produce a design that I would see when picking the item at work.

Product Props

These would then be printed and crafted together using card to keep them lightweight [it also made for a realistic thickness 1/10 scale of the life size cardboard material for boxes] and double sided tape to keep the bonds strong. After which I would place them within the shelves and boxes in a set dressing. This is a really important stage to see if the set looks realistic and how I had envisioned it to be. Adding to the props making if needed or re-arranging elements perhaps. I would also get the set under a camera to make sure all the elements work together for final production before completing these pre-production parts..

And so once all the final elements are complete I shall work through the test images and setup to see if they all work out well. Keep eyes on this space for next stage of Project..

“Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right.”
Steve Jobs



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