Les Misérables

A while back my Mum had surprised me with tickets for the London Musical Les Misérables at the Queen’s Theatre. I have always wanted to go and see some of the musical greats live and so this wonderful French classic became my first.

Beforehand I had seen the 2012 feature film adaptation directed by Tom Hooper where we saw some new talents for some of those famous faces that actually sung live for the  filming which is unique for studio work (although I believe they had to studio record the scene with Jean Valjean when working his sentence at the beginning, because of the water used to shoot it). This all meant that I had a good idea of the story line and the songs in my head as I entered the theater.

But of course to see this live performance with the wonderful theater professionals was such an amazing experience. I will never get over the talent of such artists, not only with the strong great voices but also doing so while acting, running around the stage throughout this live performance is simply amazing. I spent the whole performance on the edge of my seat with excitement as the whole cast really brought you into the action. I believe our performance had different people in the main roles than in the original casting seen online and in the information booklets. And we also had a strange moment where they had to stop the performance and reset the scene which was unusual but even with these the whole show was breathtaking and I would totally recommend it to anyone who’s debating going to see a musical or a show of some sort – get on it!



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