Put It on The Shelf

First of all apologies for the month of silence, had a bit of writers block here but hoping that this is more of a one off. I thankfully have not had a creative block and have been continuing with my mini ‘Argos Stockroom’ set for the Stop Motion segment of my ‘A Day in the Life’ Short..


Making of Shelves

Working from the designs I had drawn up with the measurements I used card and wire to build up the shelves one by one. This was so as to keep the materials as thin as possible while keeping the strength of the structure. As you can see above I first made the sides of one shelf, marking out the heights of each individual shelf on it before poking out holes and adding the wire to place each shelf on. I tried to keep these as straight as possible and taped up the ends to keep secure.


Making of Shelves

I then cut pieces of card for the individual shelves for each unit, scoring and folding the sides to fold over the wire side frames. I then taped these around the wire to make sure totally secure before moving onto the next unit and repeating until had all 5 sets of shelves to make the entire piece.



I then sprayed the shelves to make the the material look metallic as you can see above. I feel this has turned out really effectively with the boxes all lines up in the bottom rows of shelves. This shall work rather well I recon for the final animation stage. All it needs is the props and flooring to work with and it shall be ready.

As you can see I have started working on the props and when complete within the next week I shall post that next stage of pre-production.


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