Busy Making Boxes

I have previously written about how I would like to make a new ‘A Day in the Life’ film after taking on the #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge. This will be a mixed media short film following a day in my life, something I would love to look into further in the future.

Set Notes

I started out this set by measuring the workplace itself, to make my life easier and the work itself better by working off of actual measurements, making it a miniature version of the actual work place. I then worked off of these and drew out the set with measurements to work from in my set making scale of 1/10.

Making of Argos SetI first started testing out materials that I could possibly use or work with to create the shelves or props for the Argos set in my film. I have this collection of old cardboard packaging I thought would come in handy one day to craft with (as I always do with interesting materials, the hoarder that I am) I found this material to be lacking though, it wasn’t strong enough to cut into the shapes and sizes I wanted and so scrapped the idea of using this material, still thinking up what to do to make the shelves I moved onto the Barton Boxes as I know how I want to make these.

Making of Argos SetI drew out each of the boxes shapes with my square ruler to make sure they are all straight and in line with each other. I made bolder lines for the parts that needed to be cut so they stood out from the fold lines. It was all on A3 paper to keep from wasting too much material on excess while I could make 40 of these little boxes on each page.

Making of Argos SetI then painted up the paper to give the right colour to the boxes and a texture to them too. I realised after making these first batches of paper ones that I should have painted the other side too but thought the drawing would disappear if did so avoided it. However without doing so it adds an extra step painting the inside of them the colour too.

Making of Argos SetAnd finally of course I cut up each of the boxes and stuck them together with double sided tape. I also used superglue on the thicker card boxes that I made (for one of the animated shelves as a stronger material) just to make sure they did stay together properly.

While doing all these I have slowly been coming up with ideas for other parts of the overall film, how to show the day-to-day moments right.


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