Me and My Puppets

I’ve decided to post my top 3 achievements I have had in my life so far.
The first being getting my Bachelor of Arts with Honours, First Class in Stop-Motion Animation and Puppet-Making. It took a lot of hard work throughout the 3yrs of my degree and there were moments I worried I wouldn’t get the mark I hoped but it all came together in the end!
The second being being having something I’ve worked on in a film. If you haven’t seen it yet you must try and see the 2017 version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’. It is a truly beautiful film with an amazing amount of making going into it. And I myself got to sculpt the original swirly decor piece you can see cast and replicated in my 2nd photo here (sorry about the poor quality) above and below the dragons on this castle spire roof.
And the third being the completion of my final film ‘Colour’ for my degree at Staffordshire University. This was a very full on project to complete the 3.5min animation in my final academic year..
And so I hope my next big achievement shall be to get a job in the creative industry ^-^



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