Photo Album One


This is the first in a series of Photo Albums I am painting up for my holiday albums. I plan to have each with a compilation of images like this one here that I could look at and immediately see what holiday they represent.

The albums themselves are these great 100 photo individual 6x4inch photograph slip in Kraft albums from Paperchase. I chose these as I have always wanted to have photo albums for my holiday, imagined picking out 100 best bits from larger holidays, 50 from smaller. However I had never found albums that I really liked the look of until I saw these. I love the Kraft series of sketchbooks and have used many of them in the past. And so I knew these would make for good base to create my own photo albums.

I used a projector to layer images and get a good initial composition and ideas sketched out on these albums. I then worked on the sketches further before painting over them, using acrylic. I mostly tried to get good light and shadows on each of the different elements and I believe it has turned out rather well as I haven’t done much painting recently.



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