How it's made How it's made

How it's made How it's made

So these are some compilations of stages of work I have taken to make something such as my final film for University Degree ‘Colour’.
I always start with a concept, an idea. From this I research further into the fundamental parts of the idea, whether that be for visual elements to strengthen designs or theories to develop the story or idea.
I would then design the parts to make, in this case characters, (which you can see here developed in image two by my colleague Janine Perkins) Sets and Storyboards.
Next would be the testing and maquette stages, working with materials and trying to turn them into the right 3D designs.
And lastly I would make the final products.

This is of course is a much larger scale of project I would do ordinarily. But the same process applies generally with my work. I always have a great emphasis on research as there are so many great things in the world that can inspire and improve on one’s work.



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