BAA British Animation Awards 2018: Public Choice Programme 2

Today I went to the second Public Choice Screening for the BAA. (For more information on this awesome award you can find the website here)

Image result for G-AAAH by Elizabeth Hobbs
G-AAAH by Elizabeth Hobbs
  • Starts with pixelation as we see a person type at a typewriter, introducing us to our story based on Amy Johnson’s record flight
  • Illustrating the woman’s plane cleverly through the use of a typewriter as she was a typist before her brave feat.
  • Great use of sound with the images to create a great feel for the animation
Image result for Spindrift by Selina Wagner
Spindrift by Selina Wagner
  • Dynamic Digital cartoon style
  • Unusual story of a woman more like a bird than human as she tries to fly free of her bad home life
  • Some lovely character animation as you connect with the story using small actions and signals from the characters
Image result for Heist by Ed Leicester
Heist by Ed Leicester
  • Digital Abstract style of storytelling
  • Very kinetic shapes that work really well with the sounds, bringing the audience into the story
  • Really memorable
Image result for Mamoon by Ben Steer
Mamoon by Ben Steer
  • Some amazing texture to this film, really interesting I had to look into it to learn how made this look as looks digital and real world materials
  • Well layered world using light to tell the story, starting simply black and white and shocks with a bright orange joining the story later
  • Lovely use of music and sound with the storytelling
Image result for The Ship by Natasha Price
The Ship by Natasha Price
  • CG animation with lovely characters that look almost like folded paper figures
  • Very funny story told through a song from the characters themselves
  • Some good shots used as you flow through the story
Image result for Fishwitch by Adrienne Dowling
Fishwitch by Adrienne Dowling
  • Now you may recognize this film from a previous blog post about the Manchester Animation Festival in 2016 as this was a favourite of mine from one of the screenings of that event
  • Beautiful Stop Motion puppets and sets, using some clever little tricks for the water too which was nice to see
  • A lovely mix media use of Digital Drawn Animation when showing the stories of the woman’s past.
Image result for A Little Grey by Steve Smith & Simon Hewitt
A Little Grey by Steve Smith & Simon Hewitt
  • Complex CG animated world
  • Lovely use of colour and thereby lack of it in the character to tell the story with the voice over (becoming dialogue as we see him talking psychiatrist
  • Great way of telling his story of depression as he is grey and becomes colourful when his son does
Screenshot 2018-01-22 21.23.51
Adrift by Roxana Bentu
  • Digital cartoon style animation
  • Comedic with the little human links connecting with the sea life (such as having them use tinder and messaging apps)
  • Very strange story
Image result for Tough by Jennifer Zheng
Tough by Jennifer Zheng
  • This is another film I actually got to see at the Manchester Animation Festival in 2016, although didn’t get the chance to write about this one in my blog unfortunatly
  • Beautiful and bold animation using the contrasting vibrant colours to Digitally animate the piece
  • Really interesting story as she obviously recorded a conversation with her mother about their upbringings and animated the things spoken about, making for a really powerful animation
Image result for James: Dear John by Peter Vacz
James: Dear John by Péter Vácz
  • This is one of the Music Video screenings using Stop Motion to animate with some lovely digital parts mixing into it
  • Really well animated story with the music rather than animating the music itself it has created a lovely story to go with it
  • There were some really well animated parts such as the ending when the character forms into the tree, really well timed throughout
Image result for Pentakill: Mortal Reminder | Pete Candeland
Pentakill: Mortal Reminder by Pete Candeland
  • This is the second of the Music Video screenings using really detailed CG animation
  • Created this brilliant story with actual characters playing the music within it as we see this sweet little town made ‘metal’
  • Follows the music really well in a almost game like style
Image result for Poles Apart by Paloma Baeza
Poles Apart by Paloma Baeza
  • This is a film I have seen images of many times before so was really excited to get the chance to finally see this
  • Stop Motion animation with some really nice textures to the puppets and lovely vast sets throughout
  • Rather comical story with great voice acting as we see these two different environments of bears come together, good moment where used to environment to tell part of the story


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