BAA British Animation Awards 2018: Public Choice Programme 1

So today I went to the first Public Choice Screening for the BAA. (For more information on this awesome award you can find the website here)

And so today I went back to my first University: UCA, Farnham to view and have my third year running vote on the 2018 BAA films and so here are the films from today and some of my thoughts on them each.

Image result for Limoeiro / Lemon Tree by Joana Silva
Limoeiro / Lemon Tree by Joana Silva
  • Beautiful Stop Motion sets
  • Tell the story through voice over and through what happens in and to the set
  • Great mix of sound with the odd sound effects with the voice over guiding you through the story
Epic Fail by Greg Barth
  • Intriguing combination of techniques
  • Dramatic build up to the exploding ending that will really stick with you
  • Some fantastic editing together of all these different shots to build the tension and drama of the story
Image result for Maybe It's Me by Dimitris Simou
Ίσως είμαι εγώ / Maybe It’s Me by Dimitris Simou
  • Interesting use of of detailed and before rendered shots in Maya, linking into the story being told
  • Voice over telling a story
  • A good mix of detailed and simple parts to tell a story I felt of memory loss
Image result for Inner House Yuriko Ogawa
Inner House by Yuriko Ogawa
  • Lovely hand drawn simplistic style that really brings out the story being from the child’s perspective
  • No dialogue so the use of sound with the animation was highly important and it told the story incredibly well as you really felt for the bad family dynamic
  • Really nice use of colour throughout
A Love Story by Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara
  • Intricate wool/fabric Stop Motion creation
  • The use of such a material and the colour choices really told the story well and made the audience connect without the use of dialogue to drive the story
  • Emotional as you really understood their whole story through a relationship and yet from not the most human or even ‘real’ of characters
Image result for yours faithfully Chris Shepherd
Yours Faithfully Edna Welthorpe by Chris Shepherd
  • Bold dynamic Cutout like style
  • Comedic throughout with a great voice over with the illustrative quality of animation to drive the story
  • Strange story but really made you smile watching it all
Image result for matchstick zombies
Matchstick Zombies by Jake Blakeston
  • Taking a simple concept and making something great and really funny with it
  • Some good use of Stop Motion puppets and animation with some digital aspects
  • Comedic with the matches falling over, setting alight and then this blackened zombie state sets in and the use of screaming sound effects really added to the laughs
Image result for The Greyhound Josh Saunders
The Grey Hound by Josh Saunders
  • Really lovely ink sketch style used that reminded me of Quentin Blake’s art style and Joanna Quinn’s animation technique, amazing
  • Dynamic and almost haunting story, strengthened in the great timings and speed throughout along with the clever use of sound
  • You feel really immersed in the story throughout with the way each shot flows into another and the occasions point of view shots
Image result for Tête à Tête Natasha Tonkin
Tête à Tête by Natasha Tonkin
  • Another intriguing use of different techniques to create this animation, combining the 2D with the 3D in a really bold way
  • The story makes you think as it looks into the ‘digital world’ and how it fits in our ‘real’ one
  • Dialogue and sound diegetic throughout drawing the audience more into the story
Eggardon Hill (00492)
3 Cane Whale: Eggardon Hill by A Productions
  • The first music video of two in this Public Choice Programme
  • Very abstract as you follow this flowing wispy thread moving to the music
  • Connects with the music, adding more textures and layers to the shot as the music builds
Image result for sparks: Edith piaf Joseph Wallace
Sparks: Edith Piaf by Joseph Wallace
  • The second music video of two in this Public Choice Programme
  • Unique textured Stop Motion style to this piece, really focusing on colour to tell this story as these dull characters in a dull world find something bright and colourful
  • There are lovely moments that really connect with the music as it animates in time with each other
Reel of Fortune by Jack Grace
  • Very detailed CG technique used to animate this story
  • A really funny story as the fisherman ends up attempting to fish in Space
  • Some great storytelling skills throughout as the story is timed well and with well placed jokes
Image result for bump classique animation
Bump Classique by Ben Wheele
  • Well created simple CG environments to emphasis the bold dynamic characters
  • Very strange story told with some odd characters and perfect use of sound
  • End up laughing but wondering what it is you just watched


And so these are all of the great films I got to watch today and I feel really inspired and excited for the screening next week.


– Photographs in Feature Image © [images right top to bottom] Limoeiro / Lemon Tree by Joana Silva, Inner House by Yuriko Ogawa and The Grey Hound by Josh Saunders [logo] BAA

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