Time to Graduate

In preparation for my graduation on 14th July I decided I would design my own Graduation Mortar Board as I have always envisioned doing such a thing when I graduated..

Making of Mortar Board for Graduation
Making of Mortar Board for Graduation

And so work began as I decided to make a small replica of my final film set as a 3D Mortar Board. Beginning by designing and working out the scale to actually scale all this work down. I made each parts solid and for the leaves of trees and bushes I scanned the many hand crafted leaves of the actual sets and then scaled appropriately and printed so as too keep the same style of original but also making a quicker and easier task. Splitting the Board into sections I made the floors on which to attach the plants as well as to attach them all to the mortar board itself.

Mortar Board
Mortar Board

Overall they worked out really well and made for a cute miniature of my final film work..


And then the final day came, rather cold start at Trentham Gardens but it was an absolutely beautiful place to celebrate Graduating with the friends on my course.


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