Show and Tell ’17

Now that our course has ended and all our work has been handed in we had this final year exhibition to put together for Staffordshire University’s Art and Design ‘Show and Tell‘ Opening Night Friday 2nd June.

Animation Department

We at the Animation Department decided to have the theme of Alice and Wonderland for our show. Specifically with a center table of ‘Mad Tea Party’ for the food and bar in the corner. With each of us wearing our own trinkets for the theme.

Animation Department Entrance

We decided to make 3D printed badges with the original Lewis Carroll Book  Illustrations which I ended up organizing the files and machines to cut within its last week in action at the university.

Laser Cut Badges
Laser Cut Badges

I also made up some props for the day such as card suit cocktail sticks for food and the same on skewers for the chocolate fountain we had in center along with some ‘eat me’ and ‘try me’ signed ones. I also made a little sculpt of Alice on a mushroom to place on the table along with a few keys and bottle props with ‘drink me’ drawn to go around the table display.

Alice in Wonderland Bottle and Key Props
Alice in Wonderland Bottle and Key Props

We then had our own computer screens displaying each of our final films for the course.

Animation Department - Main Rooms with 2D and 3D films
Animation Department – Main Room with 2D and 3D films

Lewis Neasham's Display TJ's Display

Lewis Neasham and TJ Bull’s Displays

With the stop motion and puppet making students setting up our sets and puppet on rigs..

Animation Department - Stop Motion Room
Animation Department – Stop Motion Room

My Display - Film and Pre-Production Bible My Display - Sets and Puppets

My Display

I’m really happy personally with how my section was displayed as I wanted to show a little of everything that made up the film, showing those who came to see the work (and now you guys!) how the parts were made and just how much work and detail goes into the making of such an animated film. Plus with my Pre-Production Bible on display throughout the Show and Tell Week people could look at the Pre-Production work and processes too such as research and design. Therefore showing my film in a colourful vibrant way that seems fitting for such a film as ‘Colour’

Coral Andrews's Display Andy 'Doodles' Baker's Display - Sets and Puppet Andrew Casey's Display

Coral Andrews, Andy ‘Doodles’ Baker and Andrew Casey’s Displays

Megan Weir's Installation
Megan Weir’s Installation

Overall the Opening Night looked Fantastic with the posters all up and the food and bar all setup and ready we all enjoyed a lovely night to celebrate university, our final year and our work.

Image may contain: 14 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

The show continued on for the rest of the week open to the general public for until the Open Day Saturday 10th June which was a great end of the show for myself to look around and see others work as well as future students deciding on what they want to do and where to go in their futures.


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