Final Major Project Film ‘Colour’

Overall my final film has turned out great, it is just as I had imagined it to be as a final product when going through the stages to create it. It also shows a great challenge successfully completed as I pushed myself to make a larger film than I would have originally thought and with more sets and characters so as to push my skills and create something really great. Although I would never have been able to make such a project without my assistants throughout but it was another chance to develop my directing skills which is important.

However if I were to make the film again with this foresight knowledge I would make find myself much improved in the layout of a scene with the rigs and where they are in relation to the puppets and light source to make editing them out that much easier. I would also know the sorts of clear frames I would need for the task far better – for example with the tree scenes in the park where Carlina interacts with the object I would now take clear frames without the puppet and without the tree so I have both layers to work with in editing, saving me from the moving tree in such shots.

I have also gained more skills within the editing in post-production as I have developed my skills in After Effects. Building on my skills for industry as this is a software much more widely used.


Final Poster
Film Poster



Unfortunately due to my future festival plans I will not be able to upload the film publicly but you can see my film alongside my colleagues’ in the Final Year Work Art and Design Degree Show Show and Tell at Staffordshire University from Friday 2nd June – Saturday 10th June.

Otherwise Coming Soon.


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