Assisting Animator

When I had worked out my schedule I realised the animation was cutting quite close to Easter Break that I had planned to be my final deadline for this stage of the work. And so to save on some time needed in this stage I decided to get assistance animating one of the scenes for my film; the Yellow Boy Tim’s scene. I passed on the animatic and test footage with the puppet to Sam Young and went through the footballing scene planned for this shot. Once Sam had done first day of shooting he showed the work completed to me and we went through the best ways to improve for a re-shoot that was most fitting for this scene of animation.

Yellow Garden Animation


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  1. […] I wanted to have the next 4 weeks of semester after the Easter Break to work on editing the film as this post-production stage will need a lot of work and time too. And so this working them all out and the time I would need for pre-production parts and other brief projects that it made sense to pass on some of the animation to assistance. […]

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