The Music is a large part of my film that guides the story and draws in the audience, making it highly important. And a part I am not skilled for and so I asked for assistance from Jamie Dowen on creating a music score for my film. In a meeting, I went through the style of music I desired, with piano style following the emotion of the film. I also passed on some inspiration I had found in other films I have seen in animation shows such as BAA. Passing on and listening to various stages with feedback to makes sure all is as envisioned the final music was just as I had hoped.


2 responses to “Music”

  1. […] film to Emily Kirkham. These were then recorded by Emily for me to to then mix together with the music in my final comp to get a good audio for my final […]

  2. […] When it came to the Sound I used the audio from another film I had been looking at in various research I did for this stage. Lost Property by Asa Lucander had music that was just how I had envisioned being in my film. It also showed the minimalist diegetic sound that I plan to have within my film. And so this audio clip was added to my animatic for the pre-production stage to see if this would work as my audio and to also help with music assistance. […]

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