Assisting Set Makers

Once again this is another stage of pre-production where I know I don’t have enough time to make all the sets myself and so once again I shall make two of the set parts and get assistance with the other two.


Set Making - Yellow Garden

The first set was that of the Yellow Garden which I got assistance making from Kirstie O’Hara. I wanted this space wise to be kept simple and not make more work than needed. And so keeping simple like a theatre set with a floor and backdrop. And so meeting up with Kirstie and going through the design. The floor being a simple grass texture but the background a more detailed layer of leaves.

Yellow Garden Set

These worked out great with Kirstie stamping out and colouring up each of the leaves to create a beautifully detailed hedge backdrop for the garden.


For the Blue Bedroom set this was split between Aimee Carter and Sam Young due to time restrictions for both and their own deadlines. Aimee worked on the set itself and furniture while Sam made the props.


Set Making - Blue Bedroom Set

For the set I went through with Aimee how I wanted the back wall and side that would be seen in shot (so as to cut down on making what wasn’t needed). And passed on the designs, maquette and scale of character to work by.

Blue Bedroom Set

The walls and furniture by Aimee were made well from strong wood pieces. And looked just as I had imagined with the vibrant range of blues painted.


Set Making - Blue Bedroom Props

For the props I made sure to list out all the different ones I would need in the set, as shown within the set design. Sam worked with clay to make sure to form the right shapes but also be able to bake them solid as they would need to be on set.

Blue Bedroom Set Dressed

Overall these made for an accurate Bedroom set as I had designed.


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