Assisting Puppet Makers

For Puppet Making I knew the process would take too much time if I were to make all four characters myself. And so I decided to make the main two characters myself and get assistance with the other two.


Puppet Making - Red Cat
Puppet Making

I got assistance from Giulia Marcolini making the red cat puppet. I went through beforehand exactly what I wanted from the puppet, passing on the to-scale maquette, the movements she would have to be able to make and the replacement faces for ‘meows’ and ‘yawns’ in animation. Giulia sent updates as making to give my feedback which was great.

The Red Cat Puppet
Final Puppet


This being a small wire skeleton, padded out and fabricated with coloured thread. This made for a beautiful meticulous puppet that was just right for my animation.


Puppet Making - Yellow Boy Tim

I also got assistance from Carolann Dalziel making the Yellow Boy Puppet Tim. I gave her the to-scale print out of design and maquettes to help make accurate. Making sure to go over how the puppet will be animated.

Yellow Boy Tim Puppet
Final Puppet

Therefore, lead onto a puppet with part solid limbs (forearm, thigh etc) where they don’t need to move in animation. While other arts are the wire and soft clay overall making animation easier. The clothes being the best part as they look just as I had imagined them.


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