The Maquettes were an important stage of my pre-production as they were the first initial way of seeing if my designs and plans work as real life 3D objects, therefore highly important to check scale errors that may have occurred.


Puppet Maquettes
Puppet Maquettes

 Firstly I worked on the puppets, Crafting out basic wire frames to size and then adding plasticine at first as an easily mouldable material to work with. For the puppets I planned to get assistance making I made various different styles of maquettes such as body forms and clothes/feature forms. This was to give the assistants the most amount of materials to work with when puppet making. I also made sure to take plenty of all-around shots of each maquette so as to keep the most amount of detail gathered even in the case of the maquette getting damaged or lost.


For my puppets I plan to make I knew I wanted to have them cast in silicone so to save time I developed the initial plasticine ones into Plastiline Chavant Clay once I crafted out the perfect maquette of the face for example I could then go on to make a mould of these for the silicone casting later. Therefore saving a little time that I would have to spent re-making a plasticine maquette into this clay form.


Set Maquettes
Set Maquettes

 Secondly I worked on the sets using foam board and basic cut together shapes to model each part of a set for their basic size and design. I only painted up the one Bedroom set to show a basic colour design to the assistant set maker. However for the rest I kept them white as they mostly needed to show the layout of the set and make sure everything made sense and fit for animation later on.

Tree Maquettes
Tree Maquettes

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