Happy Easter

Research and Idea Development

Having the rooster in an egg that rolls until wiggles to stop, cracking open and the rooster jumps out, letting out a cry with words ‘Happy Easter’ just as with the previous film, developing into an Easter Short.

Researched into various egg designs to get an interesting pattern as I wanted something bright and colourful, more like an Easter egg than an actual chicken’s egg.


Easter Film Making

I made the egg pressing together foil egg shape large enough to fit the rooster inside (6cm). Covering with a thick layer of sculpey baking clay, cutting in the cracks for the animation. I then taped around the egg with the rooster held inside and painted on the pattern.


Easter Animating

To cut down set size I did the animation on the spot in greenscreen and edited in the backgrounds to portray the movement. Overall keeping the animation accurate by not over-complicating the actions.


Easter Film

Vimeo Film Link

This film has worked out effectively as a little Easter Short that shows my puppet and interesting techniques. My favourite part was cutting into the egg for the ‘cracking’ part, this was realistic as it was created on the spot making it unique as it would be.


– Photograph in Feature Image © Danilevici Filip-E.

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