Character Designs

Character Designs - My Sketches
My Sketches

Knowing that drawing is not my strongest skill area I knew starting out that I would want to get assistance in this. My project started out with older characters which I drew out various sketches of how I imagined them, using the inspiration images I gathered in research. I then sent these onto Janine Perkins to develop.


Character Designs - First Drafts
First Drafts

She would send me the work at each stage and I would give my feedback and ideas on what I liked to get the designs just as I imagine.


Character Designs - Developments


The main development was to have the characters to be younger as the story developed. This was an easier step to take as the character styles had already been decided on and needed to be made to look younger.


Character Designs - Final
Final Designs

Overall working out great to get these final designs for the film characters.

(To see more pre-production bible work click here)


– Photographs in Feature Image © Janine Perkins

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