Research and Inspiration


Colour Theory

This was a first stage for my research as I knew the film had a focus on colour and the use of one tone colours. And so began the focus on colour theory and what each of the colours mean, colour schemes and how they are used within films to convey meaning.


Character Designs

I then looked into different character designs that I liked the style of, that really inspired my thinking process on character design. The ones above being for my female character.


Set Designs

When researching for the set designs I looked into both real environments as well as the drawn and crafted. This was the best way to look at realistic environments and colour schemes when thinking about the sets. And then looking into how the style could be created and drawn.


Plants and Flowers

The plant and flower life will be a good builder of the sets and so I looked at the different types of flowers that belong to each of the different colours. Therefore adding to the realism of the set.


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