Film Idea and Storyline

This is my final year and so being this is to create my final year film. This is an important part of my student career as this is the main body of work I shall use in the future to advertise my skill sets in job applications. I find my career goals going more towards the making side of the Stop Motion Craft but I wanted to express my animation skills as well as crafting ones in this process. And so to better my crafts and then animation for this film I decided to pass on the character designs to assistance and planned to have all the design stages of the film ready for the beginning of the academic year in September; so as to focus more on the making and crafts when at the facilities of university.

I then of course need to come up with a film concept for this final student film of mine. I knew I wanted to make something artistically eye catching and I liked the idea of a Black and White styled film when coming up with ideas. However this would be far more melancholy and grey in style than I would enjoy using in my film. So the idea of monochrome colour tones came to mind and my film idea was created..

A creative young girl, Carlina, takes a walk through the park in her world of one coloured lands; Blue, Red and Yellow. The girl is bored of being surrounded by one colour and when walking through this beautiful park notices a bright yellow light reflect in a puddle close-by. Walking up to it in wonder we see her reaching out towards the water. In a close-up shot of her we then see a light behind her coming through the wall that divides the two lands. We hear a meow coming from the top of the wall and it leads her to the crack in the wall to look through.
We then see a yellow garden with a young boy character playing football.
Back to see Carlina smiling before hearing another meow from the cat further down the wall, she then walks further along the wall till finds another hole crack.
We see a beautiful red garden with a boy looking after his plants.
Carlina then follows the red cat to the large blue tree, the cat curling up comfortably. Carlina starts stroking the cat. Some noisy people joining the park then grab the girls attention as the cat is then scared off from her perch. The girl then looks sad before snapping head up with an idea rushing home.
In her bedroom now, she is sat at her desk, working on a simple outline drawing of a cat. She is paused in a moment, contemplating what to do as we zoom in on the materials, all of which being blue and not right for colouring a red cat. She then slams the desk, scrapping the chair back as she decides what to do. Quick montage of shots as she changes into black clothing and walks out the door.
We are back at the parks large tree again. Carlina looking up at the the branch before raising her arms, jumping and then climbing the tree to make her way onto the wall.
We see an aerial shot as the girl looks out at the scenery before making her way down into the Red Garden.
When in the Red Garden we see her collecting up plants. With her back to him the boy from earlier in the film turns up and makes her jump when he coughs. Falling back he then sees that she is from blue and takes a step back in shock. But after a pause frozen moment he realises that she is still fallen and helps her up. She looks awkward and cold as she stands in front of him. But he quickly pulls off his jacket and puts around her shoulders. She smiles up at him and then the shot fades away.
The film ends with the girl back at her desk in her room, surrounded by plants and paints as she draws a more accurate drawing of the red cat, she looks happy as she smiles .

Awareness of Target Audience
I feel this film could have a wide audience as it is easily understandable but there can be a deeper meaning to the film seen in an older audience I hope, therefore making it less aimed at a younger audience. I can see this film being the sort one might share on social media.

Directorial Intent
To create a unique and memorable looking film by using these dynamic single tones within each of the different lands of the world. I also want to make a ‘light-hearted’ artistic film that can be read to have a deeper message of acceptance between everyone and to always help others no matter how different from one another we are.


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