Written Work

This year the written work is of course to be more than it was last year, but in an overall similar outlook. Having the main body of work in the report this year accompanied by a poster and handout to present all the work.

With it being our own choice on what to write about and research into I decided that of course I wanted to look into the Stop Motion medium of Animation. And so in the summer I looked into possible outlooks I could write about and kept coming back to subject of comparing stop motion and computer generated (CG) animation.

And so I began looking into both mediums and what sort of films would work best to compare with each other and finally decided on Lost and Found (Hunt, 2008) and Peter & The Wolf (Templeton, 2006). I also wanted to look at either The Gruffalo (Schuh and Lang, 2009) or The Gruffalo’s Child (Weiland and Heidschötter, 2011) as an example of the use of stop motion medium styles within a cg animation.

I will also be interviewing a person of interest to do with the films and with a knowledge in animated films about their experiences in each of the mediums of animation to compare the two from a professional position.

All accumulating into a well written report on the subject of Stop Motion Animation compared to that of CG animation.


– Photographs in Feature Image © Lost and Found (Hunt, 2008), Peter & The Wolf (Templeton, 2006) and The Gruffalo (Schuh and Lang, 2009)

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