Two Twos

Two Twos
The Second Semester of Second Year

I have now officially started back at university again and getting back into the full week of studies, very much excited to learn and do more.

Puppet Performance is the stop-motion focus module, making a film together as a group as though a professional production team. Running and making everything from the story to the schedule  to the animating. And so this week we began breaking down the tasks and ideas, beginning to design parts of the film and characters.

Digital Compositing is an optional module that title speaks for itself, working on building skills in this section of our work. And so this week was a beginning step in this direction, working on the different sorts of thing within After Effects that can possibly be used within our own work to move objects, layer them, create special effects such as weather and windy dust. Very educational.

Experimental Animation

Sun Shining Through Ice Covered Trees, Beautiful Effect

Sunrise with Birds’ Chirping – [Cool & Calm Morning] – Full of Inner Satisfaction!

sun through the trees (2)

Sunlight Shining Through Grove of Trees

Sunlight through the green crowns of trees


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