This Is Not A Cartoon: Programme 5

Today was the fifth programme of This Is Not A Cartoon. (For more information on this great screening event you can find the website here)

Panic! by Joost Lieuwma & Daan Velsink
  • Comedic little animation about a woman with extreme panic as she leaves the house to whether or not she should turn back
  • Nice popping bright 2D digital style of animation with a great us of light throughout
  • Gets more funny and ridiculous as the story unfolds and she imagines all these extravagant scenarios
Jeff Le Bars
Carn by Jeff Le Bars
  • Really lovely layers of texture to create this realistic atmosphere in the snow
  • Great use of minimalist colour to create this dramatic style of 2D digital animation that strengthens the dramatic story line following a boy lost in the wilderness
  • Strong moral to the story as you see this shock ending that sticks with you and lingers after watching
Tea With The Dead by Gilly
  • Lovely hand drawn texture and style to the peice
  • Odd mix of voices that strengthens the realism of the stories they tell
  • Strange start to a quite sweet animation as we have this man swapping stories with the dead that we see him stitch together almost on a surgery table
Wackatdooo by Benjamin Arcand
  • Great ‘old school’ big band type music throughout that really reminds me of the old Tom and Jerry cartoons
  • Some lovely shot movements and animation throughout, all really well timed in this uplifting smooth 2D animation
  • Creatures playing to the music and celebrating, very much reminds me of the Everybody Wants to be a Cat Scene in Aristocats. However this being a more grown up version showing the effects of drink and dullness of work and reality, rather comical.
Fulfilament by Rhiannon Evans
  • A remarkable stop motion film following the lights, perfect use of minimalist sound to create this industry of thoughts in the mind
  • The unique idea we follow tries to fins its place and fulfill its goals
  • Shows great character animation as you really feel for this little character who is simply a light bulb with eyes, creating this wonderful film following this idea creation
Mr Madila or The Colour of Nothing by Rory Waudby-Tolley
  • I have previously seen and written about this film from ‘BAA British Animation Awards 2016: Public Choice Programme 1′. Fantastic sound mix and editing throughout that is made very lovable and comical with wonderful animation created to illustrate the story
  • Really funny dialogue as we have this animator talking with this unusual man Mr Madila
  • A great story teller as this animation becomes memorable and something you want to share with others

We were joined by Fulfilament director Rhiannon Evans for a Q&A following this screening.

Here are some notes on what Evans talked about on her film ‘Fulfilament

  • Long exposed shots for frames
  • Practical lighting
  • Wired, glass heads, resin bottoms to make the puppets
  • Was going to have squash + stretch but too cartoony + unrealistic
  • Better with everyday life objects
  • Used 2 sets changes to look like many


– Photographs in Feature Image © [images bottom left to right] Carn by Jeff Le Bars, Wackatdooo by Benjamin ArcandFulfilament by Rhiannon Evans and Mr Madila or The Colour of Nothing by Rory Waudby-Tolley [logo] Skwigly

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