BAA British Animation Awards 2016: Public Choice Programme 3

The First Public Choice Screening for the BAA. (For more information on this awesome award you can find the website here)

Image result for Dead Air by Robert Bradbrook
Dead Air by Robert Bradbrook
  • CG Animation mixed with Live Action film giving this strange texture that is really eye catching
  • Quiet little island area and a boat radio station, small town, slow life
  • The lack of people and want of chance in the individual, Evolution
Image result for Shhh by Alice Bouttell
Shhh by Alice Bouttell
  • Sand and other materials used in this Stop Motion film with abstract layering of materials as they move and flow. Shows mostly grains over light and some objects
  • Dynamic sound effects and soft voice over (English subtitled) that creates a kind of hypnotic combo of sea waves and voice
  • Storyline is like the sea loves the land, forms it. Love poem from the sea?
Image result for Coupling by Cat Hayes
Coupling by Cat Hayes
  • The story of a woman rushing for a train and when she loses a glove the decision to let the other go so as not to split up the pair
  • Beautiful delicate and detailed main puppet and clever use of silhouettes and light for the crowds to be animated well to give the feeling of the train rush time
  • Soft sound effects pushing the late rushing feeling in beginning. Beautifully animated and lit throughout
Image result for BlueBerry by TwinTrash (Tommy Vad & Markus Flaaten)
BlueBerry by TwinTrash (Tommy Vad & Markus Flaaten)
  • Hand drawn cartoon like animation
  • Great voices and comedic value
  • Lovely style
Image result for Let's Play Nomad X by Kristian Andrews
Let’s Play Nomad X by Kristian Andrews
  • Like a ‘let’s play’ online game tutorial with rough style microphone recording
  • Simplistic and yet detailed digital animation that you would see in these old style of games
  • About the game and life
Image result for Pollock by Henry Dunbar
Pollock by Henry Dunbar
  • Digital drawn sketchy style of animation
  • Black and White outline work
  • About inspiration and ideas and how these effect people, Artists vs the generic greed of others
Image result for Expirables by Jack Gooden
Expirables by Jack Gooden
  • Digitally Drawn animation that captures the iconic movements and looks of these actors
  • Comical show of caricature impressions of these famous actors as they audition for an action role
  • Funny little moments of film styles used too
Image result for Benjamin Scheuer: Weather the Storm by Peter Baynton
Benjamin Scheuer: Weather the Storm by Peter Baynton
  • Beautifully drawn and detailed style of animation, like a watercolour painting throughout
  • Lonely man who has lost his partner and dealing with these losses and the need for people, loss of routine
  • Perfectly illustrates the style and feel of the song
Image result for Once Upon A Blue Moon by Steve Boot
Once Upon A Blue Moon by Steve Boot
  • Stop motion puppetry
  • Great use of sound as character
  • Relation between alien and robot out in space
Image result for Mr Director by Andy Martin
Mr Director by Andy Martin
  • I have previously seen and written about this film from ‘This Is Not A Cartoon: Programme 2
  • Great use of Plasticine for puppets and more solid materials for set and prop parts
  • Having this character making these obvious films with a few funny hints to real life melt down moments as he goes extreme in his directing role
Loco Dice: Sending This One Out by Rick Thiele & Mario Ucci
  • CG work has great environment details and lighting with the character kept smooth and without details on purpose for the storyline
  • This makes the 2D element stand out much more which strengthens the story more too.
  • People turning into building blocks to build with rather than being people but one person can change this just as originality and uniqueness can change society. Overall works really well with the music being this rhythmic repetition
Image result for Mend and Make Do by Bexie Bush
Mend and Make Do by Bexie Bush
  • Pixelation and Stop motion puppetry with some hand drawn elements
  • Beautifully Animating the old woman’s story
  • Objects in the house used to tell it all
Image result for Stromae: Carmen by Sylvain Chomet
Stromae: Carmen by Sylvain Chomet
  • Lovely detailed digital drawn style of animation, well animated to the tune of music. About the lonely online social media lifestyle and how these online profiles are destroying our real lives
  • Shows how the next generation is still getting this online profile world on their shoulders as it were through this tiny ‘tweet’ bird flying to another child window to tweet
  • Great use of the music beat in the bird animation making even more of a link with the music


– Photographs in Feature Image © [images left top to bottom] Coupling by Cat Hayes, Pollock by Henry Dunbar and Benjamin Scheuer: Weather the Storm by Peter Bayton [logo] BAA

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