BAA British Animation Awards 2016: Public Choice Programme 2

The Second Public Choice Screening for the BAA. (For more information on this awesome award you can find the website here)

Image result for My Dad by Marcus Armitage
My Dad by Marcus Armitage
  • I have previously seen and written about this film from ‘This Is Not A Cartoon: Programme 2‘ where I actually got to meet and hear from the director himself on this film specifically
  • Great sound mix and movement of shots that really make you feel as though you are there, using real street recordings. The breaking into other stories and memories works well, really like a child is describing these moments in his life that he relates to his dad
  • Flows well throughout and has some repetition emphasising points, starts layering as the story becomes busier and busier. Showing the emotion as starts to break down more and shows the different things the child picks up from his dad? Ending dramatically with ripping to real image, seeing this terrified face of this boy after the words “my dad” and then blackout “keeps me safe”, leaves you with a worried feeling for the boy in the end
Image result for Aftermath by Layla Atkinson
Aftermath by Layla Atkinson
  • Cutout style digital drawn  animation about war
  • Powerful speech and sound throughout
  • Uses layers, interesting different orders and styles
Image result for Mr Plastimime by Daniel Greaves
Mr Plastimime by Daniel Greaves
  • This is another film I have seen previously seen at the ‘This Is Not A Cartoon: Programme 1‘. Brilliantly animated, totally believable as this man doing a mime act and there is this really nice comparison moment later on when shows the real life actions of those previously mimed
  • Lovely detail in the sets and puppets where shown as they is this lovely film noir feel as it is lit very dramatically throughout. The Plasticine material is used well in the story too as uses these squashed face moments when hit, even leaves remnants of the material behind on surfaces hit
  • I also liked the sweet abstract digitally/hand drawn dance scene that the couple share as through a memory or dream and when return from these the man actually saves the girl’s life, becoming a beloved man and getting his applause
Image result for Benjamin Scheuer: Cookie Tin Banjo by Peter Baynton
Benjamin Scheuer: Cookie Tin Banjo by Peter Baynton
  • Hand drawn animation with very stylized bright colours that work well with the style of music
  • Plays with scale a lot which also fits in well with the tune itself as it is uplifting
  • Emphasises the words and feel of the song with the story being illustrated
Image result for The Evening Her Mind Jumped Out Of Her Head by Shaun Clark & Kim Noce
The Evening Her Mind Jumped Out Of Her Head by Shaun Clark & Kim Noce
  • Digital drawing using this black with white details style that makes it eye catching
  • Bold sound with the train characters used, the beat of people and the train in a layering of sound
  • Very unusual storyline
Image result for Stems by Ainslie Henderson
Stems by Ainslie Henderson
  • Stop Motion objects and the creation of puppets
  • The re-use of objects and the life you give them
  • Beautiful use of this found objects and they all animate well as the objects form together and begin to create this lovely short film
Image result for Endgame by Phil Mulloy
Endgame by Phil Mulloy
  • Digital drawn in a simplistic style
  • Reminds me of old fan made like games online
  • Fight style game storyline, some point on war and armies?
Image result for 1150 Canyon Road by Art&Graft
1150 Canyon Road by Art&Graft
  • Great smooth zoom out shot as we start at a door house and move out from it. We realise in the end that it is a cop watching and recording the whole scene. Showing the crime of a person that is brought to the house
  • CG Animation with really lovely detail of the environments and objects, all of which are well lit from the sources of light.
  • The sound mixed is good, voice actors and choice of music work well with storyline
Image result for Rattle That Lock by Alasdair + Jock
Rattle That Lock by Alasdair + Jock
  • Digital Drawn with a great grey scale level of detail that is really eye catching
  • Feels like it is using this theme of greek mythology with the storyline
  • Works well with the music throughout and uses some softer sound effects that mix well with building on the animation of the short
Image result for Ray's Big Idea by Steve Harding-Hill
Ray’s Big Idea by Steve Harding-Hill
  • CG short with excellent texturing and lighting to some wonderful characters and sets. Even the weather and environments have a really realistic visual to them
  • See a sea creature fight for land and legs to get his own space then to find his new land reached is full and busy with many legged fish so tries to fly next and falls back to the sea
  • Really comical story and characters as you see these fish develop fleshy legs and you strive for this character who only ends up failing
Image result for La Petite Maison by Isaac Holland
La Petite Maison by Issac Holland
  • Hand drawn animation, white on black bold style
  • Strange storyline starting with ‘french tarts’ speech. Lovely sound mix of odd sound effects and bold voice overs throughout
  • Abstract storytelling about the relationship and how they thought and were. Little moments cut into others, making memorable and dramatic film about how they felt for each other but found difficulty expressing this
Image result for One of a Kind by Rok Predin
One of a Kind by Rok Predin
  • CG, well lit with lovely texturing and colour to it all
  • Story looking at how ‘I’ came to be, history of people all the way back to animals and even stars
  • Really quaint and quirky film shot beautifully as the camera turns and moves around these characters through the ages and we see such life and moments that you think of as our histories, told by a great voice actor, making you in the audience smile
Image result for Delta Heavy: Ghost by Chris Bristow
Delta Heavy: Ghost by Chris Bristow
  • Some film work used in moments throughout the film, otherwise CG animation. Very digitally themed, working well with the electronic style of music
  • The film follows a lot of the famous icons of the digital/computer/internet age as the paperclip assistant falls through the web
  • Lots of clever emotion shown in such a simple object as the paperclip takes over as revenge for it’s own loss of use and ‘death’ as forgotten and unused


– Photographs in Feature Image © [images right top to bottom] The Evening Her Mind Jumped Out Of Her Head by Shaun Clark & Kim Noce, Rattle The Lock by Alasdair + Jock and One of a Kind by Rok Predin [logo] BAA

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