BAA British Animation Awards 2016: Public Choice Programme 1

The First Public Choice Screening for the BAA. (For more information on this awesome award you can find the website here)

Image result for Man Up by Katie Lenton
Man Up by Katie Lenton
  • Animation for the poem ‘Ten responses the the phrase Man Up’ with a really powerful delivery of the speech, perfect mix of sound throughout
  • Lovely use of mixed media, with great film techniques that work together to illustrate the powerful words of the poem
  • Interesting look at masculinity and society, how harmful ones actions can be
Image result for Lost Property by Asa Lucander
Lost Property by Åsa Lucander
  • I have previously seen and written about this film from ‘This Is Not A Cartoon: Programme 3‘. Well textured digital animation showing great character animation to show their age in some of the movements but also their personality and feelings in each scenario
  • Wonderful music that really makes you feel the emotion of the story and drives it on with no dialogue
  • Showing repetition throughout and you wonder why she searches for these things and why she keeps losing things. With a heartbreaking reveal moment at the end where the fake peals back to reveal the reality as the man is her husband in Bedfordshire Care Home, a story of memory loss diseases
Image result for Monkey Love Experiments by Ainslie Henderson & Will Anderson
Monkey Love Experiments by Ainslie Henderson & Will Anderson
  • Lovely puppet animation, you can really feel the animal’s emotion and connect well with the character without even the ability of dialogue
  • Much of the storytelling being is by the puppets and animation themselves
  • Sad little story to show another element of a ‘real life’ event in history
Image result for James: Moving On by Ainslie Henderson
James: Moving On by Ainslie Henderson
  • This is another film I have seen previously seen at the ‘This Is Not A Cartoon: Programme 1‘ which actually had a Q&A session with the director, a great animator. Stop motion amazingly shot, lit and animated with beautiful bright yellow string characters in a white light environment
  • String from above symbolising life as we see a character in bed slowly disappear as pulled away and child tries to pull back and fix
  • Very emotion for such a simplistic concept that works at illustrating for the music video without dialogue you connect to the characters and feel their loss as the character passes on
Image result for Hecta: The Concept by Chris Shepherd
Hecta: The Concept by Chris Shepherd
  • Simplistic ‘old school’ digital style of animation for this music video
  • Great way of looking at society and the great gluttony and greed of men and women of today as they all want what they want now by any means
  • The images and animation works well with the music throughout, illustrating the point of the song
Image result for Mr Madila by Rory Waudby-Tolley
Mr Madila by Rory Waudby-Tolley
  • Well animated from a recorded interview with lovely mixed media
  • The uses of film/animation and realism/exaggeration is perfect throughout with timings on edits for comedic effect shown incredibly
  • Such a funny film for audiences
Image result for Heavyball: Smalltown Boy by Sameer Patel & Zane Whittingham
Heavyball: Smalltown Boy by Sameer Patel & Zane Whittingham
  • Works with the beat of the music throughout with animated characters based on the band shown with them in real environments. And so mixed media short using animation over film – a digital manipulated image
  • Funny with the animal caricatures that would strengthen an image for the band and the song
  • Minimalist movements in places work really well with the music and film work
Image result for The Bigger Picture by Daisy Jacobs
The Bigger Picture by Daisy Jacobs
  • Lovely use of of stop motion puppets and 2D hand drawn painted elements in this wonderful mixed media piece
  • It is breath taking the lovely painting techniques and abstract moments of imagination that seem to take place throughout. Also there are some great camera movements too as it moves around and still has the same complex techniques shown
  • Linear powerful storyline as you follow the frustraitions and difficulties of caring for an elderly family member and the family issues this can create, but of course the love it is born from
Image result for Toonocalypse by Owen Rixon
Toonocalypse by Owen Rixon
  • 2D digital mixed with film work for this hilarious film
  • A proper length storyline following a group of people as these toon aliens land on Earth and begin to take over
  • Incredible build up of characters and story with great relationships developing between the aliens and people as we follow the action unfolding, some great film-making

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