This Is Not A Cartoon: Programme 3

Today was the third programme of This Is Not A Cartoon. (For more information on this great screening event you can find the website here)

Rapsodie en Rose 9
Rapsodie en Rose by Bram Mondy
  • Beautiful design and style to this digital animation
  • Sweet little story of an older man who is left and cared for by this nun
  • See the lovely memories he had with his wife, with clever use of colour in happy memories and lack of in not
Ernie Edith and Rubbish.jpg
Ernie Biscuit by Adam Elliot
  • Amazing amount of detail with some large sets being made for this lovely textured black and white stop motion animation
  • Very styalised with each character having this artistic style of large eyes and noses
  • Funny little story of a taxidermist Ernie, narrative with lovely soft and clear voice actor. And his life as he strives to be brave and be the windscreen not the insect
Lost Property by Åsa Lucander
  • Beautifully made with the digital 2D animation style
  • Lovely use of music to build on the emotions shown through the animation as there is no dialogue within the film
  • Clever theme to show memory loss diseases and how they affect not only themselves but those around them
Amélia & Duarte by Alice Guimarães & Mónica Santos
  • Amazing use of pixelation throughout this beautiful film, with lovely uses of stop motion in places. Has a lovely nostalgic old style of film and perfect use of music to build on the feelings of the film
  • A great Love Story, with voice over telling the story, about relationships through this over exaggeration of breakups and how women and men differ and yet similar.
  • I really enjoyed all the packing up they each did of their feelings and moments of relationships and how they themselves were then packed away in a ‘Amélia & Duarte’ box under ‘Secção Amores Perdidos’ or the ‘Lost Love Section’.
Katachi by Kijek/Adamski
  • Stunning use of animation with cycles and replacements to illustrate this piece of music
  • Took a lot resources and preparation with the movements, objects and timings as the whole animation is continuous
  • Incredibly eye catching, smooth and memorable you can see this film being one of those ones that an audience would share with their friends when they see it
Spectators by Ross Hogg
  • Great camera movement in shot to shot, really keeping the realism enough to understand the movements in this animation
  • Sketchy hand drawn and painted frames have a great texture and life to them during the buzz of the footie game
  • Good mix of the stadium sounds to build on the atmosphere of this short film


We were joined by Spectators director Ross Hogg for a Q&A following this screening.


– Photographs in Feature Image © [images bottom left to right] Rapsodie en Rose by Bram Mondy, Lost Property by Åsa LucanderKatachi by Kijek/Adamski and Spectators by Ross Hogg [logo] Skwigly

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