This Is Not A Cartoon: Programme 2

Today was the second programme of This Is Not A Cartoon. (For more information on this great screening event you can find the website here)
Teeth by Daniel Gray & Tom Brown
  • Well shaded and drawn digital animation
  • Very strange story about the life of his teeth, rather off-putting detailed moments such as tongue flowing over tooth free gums
  • Dramatic voice over builds on the off-putting obsession the character has with teeth. Sticks with you this film
Fresh Guacamole (2012). All images courtesy of PES.
Fresh Guacamole by PES
  • Amazing, comical stop motion concept using different objects to build this strange salad
  • Executed well through this beautifully animated short that I find rather satisfying to watch
  • All strengthened with a simple yet effective mix of the real life sound effects of the salad making processes
My Dad by Marcus Armitage
  • Works well from the image, using cutout and hand drawn vibrant sketches, the dialogue over the top telling the story too
  • Colourful and dynamic movement working incredibly well with the sound to emphasise this really busy and loud environment
  • With the voice over telling the story you can really understand what the boy went through and thought
Mr Director-Animation-Andy-Martin
Mr Director by Andy Martin
  • Stop motion with digital elements such as some larger sets or the mouth and eyebrows in dialogue animation
  • Really comical interview documentary style of film about this Mr. Director with this exaggeration of the role of director
  • Very good voice acting throughout as you can see the characters come to life in their roles. Smooth lip sync animation which works well for the comedic elements to this film as well as the overall smoothness and ‘believability’
Impostor by Elie Chapuis
  • Nice sound mix and music used to build on this stop motion animated film
  • Wonderful sets and puppets that look great and dramatic under camera in black and white
  • A man has his life stolen as an imposter goes and steals his head to live his life
Yearbook by Bernardo Britto
  • Interesting voice over of a story about a man who has to compile a history of earth and humans for aliens
  • Lovely texture to the drawn animation and well throughout through and planned out shots throughout
  • Rather comical with the dramatic elements
366 Days (366 Tage) by Johannes Schiehsl
  • CG animation with brilliant character animation and 3D models
  • Sad story of real life loneliness and how hard some lives can be, showing some good people of humanity
  • Radetzky March becomes the means to which he survived paramedic life and the advice from his colleague guided him well
Feral by Daniel Sousa
  • Eye catching detail and texture of the drawing. Amazing one flow opening as you have one object form into another before title
  • Stunning animation with simple designs to focus on the styles and actions of the story as it unfolds
  • A young feral child is saved from wolves, taken to civilized town (we see the child’s eyes for the first time) And molded into being a young gentleman. Left at school and caged, wants to be free and more with nature


We were joined by director Marcus Armitage for a Q&A following this screening.

Here are some notes on what Armitage talked about on his film ‘My Dad

  • Started drawing, got interested in animation from foundation
  • Mixed media started in RCA
  • Overwhelming colours taken away through the story because of the characters
  • Had the words written, animated and then recorded voice actor
  • Halfway through found the photograph and took a few weeks to track down the photographer and get permission to use, Only show part of the face as the story isn’t his, it’s a real person
  • Christmas – June production time period
  • Started by looking into racism, then cam up with ideas, listing them out and then working through them
  • Did computer lines first and then projected them and worked on the drawings with colour, each one coloured before move onto the next, working on lighter colours first


– Photographs in Feature Image © [images bottom left to right] Fresh Guacamole by PES, My Dad by Marcus ArmitageImpostor by Elie Chapuis and 366 Days (366 Tage) by Johannes Schiehsl [logo] Skwigly

2 responses to “This Is Not A Cartoon: Programme 2”

  1. […] have previously seen and written about this film from ‘This Is Not A Cartoon: Programme 2‘ where I actually got to meet and hear from the director himself on this film […]

  2. […] I have previously seen and written about this film from ‘This Is Not A Cartoon: Programme 2‘ […]

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