This Is Not A Cartoon: Programme 1

Today was the first programme of This Is Not A Cartoon. (For more information on this great screening event you can find the website here)

Confusion Through Sand by Danny Madden
  • Great sand texture with the hand drawn frames overall showing the emotion you would imagine of a war zone well through this animation
  • Beautiful camera movements throughout, really making you part of the action. Especially dramatic with the sound mix, drawing you even more into the moment, like you truly are there with those soldiers, hearing the slight noise in the silence and then the boom of action
  • Use of the ink material really expresses the speed and confusion in the moment too as it sways, distorts as turns
A Single Life, A Single Life, A Single Life by Job, Joris & Marieke,Job, Joris & Marieke, A Single Life Short film, A Single Life Shortfilm, A Single Life 2d Short film, Short film, 3d Short film, 2d Short film, Shortfilm, Animated Short film, Animated Shortfilm
A Single Life by Job, Joris & Marieke
  • Well lit CG animation with lovely colours and details to them
  • Brilliant animation with a comical little story following a record that can be used to time jump through ones life
  • Really funny to see the moments she would skip to and skip over all cleverly tied up together in a sweet single life song
Coda by Alan Holly
  • Digitally drawn animation following a drunken soul that leaves body after his death walking into traffic while drunk. Death follows.
  • Rather strange and abstract style and story as the soul tries to escape death and is reborn a baby and given all wants to see before passing on. There is never enough of life and enough time
  • Great sound mix throughout with some great voice acting
Zepo by César Díaz Meléndez
  • Sand on lit glass animation, really well animated with a powerful sound mix that has the audience in the action more
  • Little girl walking in the woods comes across a trapped man, finds authorities and they break ice under her to kill her and stop her telling the truth of their murderous ways
  • The character animation throughout is really realistic and they really captured the movements and timings of each part of the story well, making it a dramatic and rather haunting short film
World of Tomorrow by Don Hertzfeldt
  • Digital drawn animation with great layering and colour design throughout
  • Rather abstract storyline and style of animation
  • Really loved the layers of colourful drawings with the white line characters over top
Moving On by Ainslie Henderson
  • A wonderful music video with such a complex use of wool in stop motion animation
  • The concept of these wool characters linking in with the storytelling of the fragility and shortness of life through the pulling away of the threads here
  • Incredibly lit, bright and colourful with the way it is lit in bright white backdrop being the perfect visual
Mr. Plastimime by Daniel Greaves
  • Stop motion puppets excellently animated with the mix of real and mime and good work on relation between male and female
  • Good work with sound and movement in relation to his environment
  • Digital/Hand drawn scene for the dance far more abstract
Marilyn Myller by Mikey Please
  • Really interesting 3D style of animation using black and white tones, working with light well
  • Creation of life as this woman works on building things, discover like a sculptor working on creatures and models
  • Destruction of ones work when not perfect, makes an art form of it and ends on a more comical note developing from the dramatic opening


We were joined by BAFTA winning director Ainslie Henderson for a Q&A following the screening.

Here are some notes on what Henderson talked about on his film ‘Moving On

  • The sad but beauty of death
  • The love and care shown through that
  • Knew the musician before
  • Hometown is famous for wool work
  • 6weeks/2 months to make
  • Knew the theme before but produced music video for friend
  • Time scale push creativity, pushes the design as he was to make string sets but with time went with white wash out and became far more powerful
  • Honest and emotional rather than the want to impress, wants to produce a reaction in audience
  • Loves emotion and storytelling more than animation
  • Act out as self – not reference film just imagine


– Photographs in Feature Image © [images bottom left to right] Confusion Through Sand by Danny Madden, Coda by Alan HollyMoving On by Ainslie Henderson and Marilyn Myller by Mikey Please [logo] Skwigly

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  2. […] is another film I have seen previously seen at the ‘This Is Not A Cartoon: Programme 1‘ which actually had a Q&A session with the director, a great animator. Stop motion […]

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