Week Three

Sculpture for Animation – We started class with an idea of picking out a series of words printed on slips of paper from a box and drawing these as two characters with these attributes. I got ‘depressed, sick, young’ and ‘manic, healthy, old’ two very contrasting styles and I believe I showed them well within two contrasting bold character designs.

06.02.15 (Robots) 01

This weeks drawing task was around the theme of ‘Robots’ which was interesting and very open designing task with the ability to draw something like a robot suit to an animatronic being.

06.02.15 (Robots) 02

Out of these silhouettes I felt this one stood out most with it’s dynamic shape and bold stance with weapons and so to draw it out I found the design improved greatly to become this far more eye catching character with a great metallic look that you can see almost shine.

We also began making sculpture, in my case ‘1960’s Cuban Skateboarding Boy’ was my task and so from my design I made a wire frame, like with my stop motion pipeline maquette, which was rather unique looking with the pose I had the character in.

Stop Motion Pipeline – I began work on my first stop motion pipeline panel which is to create a wooden panel window from foam, carved and marked to look like wood material. Making each beam at I time I began building up the design. I feel the final work has turned out really well with the details showing up well without it being too much. The design itself also works out well being that it wasn’t too complex that it was too much and so still works.

Film AnalysisChinatown (1974, Polanski)

We interpret Chinatown in terms of the cinematography as dark and shadowy (the morgue scene) rather grimey. They use colour dynamically and with meaning (restaurant scene with use of red in flower, lipstick, seats and windows). They make sure to show the information in documents you can read (over shoulder newspapers). Can reveal history of characters (draw of watches to time ” leaving, usually does this). Empathy for characters (camera follows the character’s lives). Gives and takes information (the newspaper scene in barbers shows information but there are parts not in focus on Nicholson’s character being fired). Shots go to black (drive away from old folks home).

There is a recurring motif of water throughout the film. May be because water is a symbol of life and the try to control it all and so lose it (the dumping of the water scenes certainly make you think of the dumping of a body, makes you jump too. Water drips at girls house who’s been murdered). Water is power, without so people die (Shown in the paper on Nicholson’s car). Aggressive water, like a weapon (Nicholson nearly drowned, climbing fence).

They have used glasses, binoculars, mirrors, windows, car rear lights, flawed eyes and so on to generate the distorted view on the facts, make you believe the wrong thing or a certain thing before revealing all. Obscurity, not seen in 1st person view. Plays with the idea of the private eye. Rather translucent like water too and should be transparent and show you things (the window scene where we see the woman with the other woman – after tailing the broken tail light). Flawed eye- flaw of character? And hint towards the incest. Shot in that eye (bathroom scene where Nicholson points out her eye). Theme of sight.

The screenplay for Chinatown is regarded by many experts as a masterpiece of storytelling I believe because it’s well paced and tells you information as it wants you to know. You get something new from each time you watch it. Can repeat watch. Linear timeline. Has plants and payoffs where you get something and revealed later which gives the audience something. Three act structure (equilibrium, equilibrium lost, equilibrium found again).


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