09.02.15 – 15.02.15

Sculpture for Animation – This week I attached my sculpture wire frame to the wood block bottom and began sculpting my character’s basic body on the wire.

The character design task of this week was based around the theme of ‘Urban Princess’. I tried to look into different ways in which this phrase could be taken before creating the different silhouettes. I came up with of course a princess in an urban setting or an urban styled one. I then branched out thinking about how it could be a striving woman for something; learning, gaming, studying, reading etc. It could be a woman of good cause who gave to the needy for example or a girlfriend named princess by her partner. A cat is also found to sometimes be called princess as well as a nickname occasionally used for a child.

12.02.15 (Urban Princess)13.02.15 (Urban Princess) 01

After some closer studies of some of the silhouettes I found that I was drawn to this design with the iconic eye catching style and stance that would work out really well in a final work and after playing around with some colours I feel the final piece is really bold and full of character.

13.02.15 (Urban Princess) 02

Stop Motion Pipeline – Started looking into the second and third panels for this segment of the course. The first being a piece showing part paving stones, cobblestones and grass with perhaps a puddle within it. I began looking into designs and styles that would work best. The third is to be a mechanical futuristic styled door which we at the moment simply have to look into a design for rather than begin making.

To begin working towards a final puppet armature I drew out a basic sketch to scale of my Helena Bonham Carter caricature puppet design with the frame which would be inside. We worked on hands in the lessons this week, working larger and then to smaller on tests to work out the process before final pieces.

Film Analysis – Screening of our next film Jason and the Argonauts (1963, Chaffey)


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