Starting into New Projects..

Sculpture for Animation – To get our first sculpture rolling this lesson we picked out a subject matter from a box to make random selection. Mine was found to be ‘1960’s Cuban Skateboarding Boy’ and so I began my research for character design by looking into 1960’s skateboarding kids and found a great website full of usable images  to make studies from as so:
I also took out some books from the library on Cuban culture to work on that side of the design. This was found to be most advantageous decision as I feel i learned a lot more on what their life is like and especially with  The Cuban Image (Chanan, Michael) I got to see images of real people of the place.
In the end this is the character I designed.
02.02.15 01
I feel this was the greatest way in which I could incorporate all the ideas of the original set piece while having the most interesting positioning to sculpt.

Stop Motion Pipeline – This week I began a solid design for my Helena Bohnham Carter caricature in which to mold the maquette from. I started by creating more realistic drawings of her face and figure before the more caricatured style.
27.01.15 01 27.01.15 02 27.01.15 03 27.01.15 04
These helped me figure out her features that most stand out in her look. Which I found to be mostly her cheek bones, face shape and of course the iconic hair. I then began working on the final design from which to create my frame and work from.
28.01.15 01 28.01.15 0220150128_165640 20150129_151025
Once the pose was figured out I could make the wire frame to then be built up with tin foil ready to mold the character onto. After a couple of days sculpting I finished making the maquette:

20150202_214219 20150202_214246 20150202_214335 20150202_214356 20150202_214424-1
I feel that this shows well what to do in my final puppet production. I will definitely make the arm more of an angled bend rather then smooth curve. I shall also have more hair to accentuate the feature even more than already done so and therefore make more caricatured.

Film Analysis – This week was my first lesson in film analysis of this term. I found the lesson shall be easier to work with then the previous contextual studies of last semester. We shall have a few tasks after watching a series of different films throughout the semester. The first a short introduction on the film, the second a table on each of the shots that make up a few minutes of sequence and finally a 1000 word essay on that sequence.
And so as our first film we watched Chinatown (1974, Polanski) today:

I believe the film Chinatown to be highly acclaimed because of the combination of great director, famous stars, dynamic storyline and style. The director Roman Polanski has a name for himself and so of course would build on any film, use his skills to greatly improve on the story and accentuate a great film. With a cast such as Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway leading the roles there is those skills building that part of the film. The storyline of the film was rather unique and a first of it’s kind with themes not much explored previously and in a rather exploratory and realistic pace that overall film noir with overall style of the film and casting of famous film nor star John Huston you can see more critical acclaim built.
The film I feel is from Nicholdon’s point of view to build on the storyline. It forces a perspective on what is going on and means we can have a big reveal rather than simply having all the information from the beginning, therefore keeping the audience’s attention and making them wish to learn more and watch on.
The cinematographer (John A.Alonzo) and product designer (Richard Sylbert) force the audience to believe wrong, as the character Gittes (Nicholson) does, to whom did the crime and each investigation clue by making you see things out of context or in a certain order that made you think something different to the truth.


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