A Week of Workshops..

Sculpture for Animation – This week has been one of a personal study time in sculpture for animation and so I began working steadily on my ‘1960’s Cuban Skateboarding Boy’ sculpture.

Stop Motion Pipeline – Throughout the week we have been learning about the different workshops and methods of making we can use throughout this degree in a series of different Instructional Lessons.

Plastics Learning what materials we have to offer and how we can possibly work with them, heating up and moulding, cutting, embossing, vacuum forming etc. As an example tests we made bowls from the vacuum former.

Illustrator for Laser Cutter & File set-up A basic lesson in how to make different pieces on illustrator for the laser cutting, seeing examples of the possible things one could make and which materials on. There is the ability to draw in the software through mouse of tablet, using different brush styles and tools and making sure to have the right colours for the Laser Cutter machine to translate. We could also place images and render them to the style needed or have fonts if wished for, making sure to think how they would work in the cut and whether you want as a whole piece or individual parts.



Film Analysis Jason and the Argonauts (1963, Chaffey)

Suspension of disbelief
With the use of animation and live action it can be found rather unrealistic, however when you are younger you find it more realistic than perhaps when you are older as you don’t see it as animated or real life you just see as a story. And when it first came out it was a very new style and piece of work and so therefore making it more believable. Whereas in today’s age of CG taking over and creating unique creatures in fantasy worlds this stop motion style of creation can be found far more unrealistic and unbelievable as they are not as smooth and put into the world as well.
However I found that the way that the actors respond to the stop motion characters and vice-verse is important to make the performance and life believable, as they are the ones that give the inanimate objects life and so believability. It is a well-written script and so builds on the believability, as without well-written characters no one shall believe into them and how they work in the world.
Of course the person watching the film has to be willing to believe in the film and characters, without this willing you will never find yourself believing in the characters and actions that go on in the film.
Sound is highly important too in the belief of such a film as if the sound isn’t created and played well then you will see a break in the smooth animating and filming as it will make you question the world.

Old movie, still entertaining?
There are some actions that we find are less believable in today’s age than they would have likely been in release. Such as the fight scenes, nowadays the actors for any fight scene will have training in how to do that sort of fight scene such as fencing lessons for a sword fight. They have to know what they are aiming at, as within this film the skeletons were more aiming at the swords rather than the body holding the sword which makes no sense and so you really need to have a knowledge on what it is you are doing before you start doing it, especially in that of an animated scene rather than waste all your time and effort on a needed re-shoot. And so the sword fight on this film is less realistic than it would be if made nowadays as the actors as more kind of winging the actions than them actually knowing what they are doing. In some ways this could be more realistic but as an audience we could take this less seriously.
There are also more training in the general acting scenes with a more recent film its found, such as Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver (1976, Scorsese) he trained for the role of Travis Bickle by actually being a taxi driver for a period of time before filming. This therefore made his acting far more realistic than it would have been had he just turned up and read a script. With this film they did this far more and so could make the film actions less realistic.
In today’s age films may be long but the shots are far shorter, making the action quicker and making the scenes generally far faster paced. And so for an older film with longer shots made than the typical film nowadays you could find yourself not as entertained as you would be with a current day film, especially if you are not used to older films.
Some people found that the soundtrack to the action made the film difficult to enjoy as it was too much and so distracted you from the work itself and what went on. The sounds are loud, as though you were stuck in a small room with a boom box blasting them and so this may distract you and make you feel uncomfortable when watching a film.
Some may find that stop motion films themselves are not to their taste and therefore found this film less entertaining because of this, anyone’s personal tastes and experiences will really affect how they view and feel about a film and so this is of course important to take into account.


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