Semester Two Begins..

Planning on update my blog more often from now on, New Year and all, must start with good habits..

19.01.15 Lessons at university have started up again and I the course has now turned to my focus: stop motion animation and puppet making. This has begun with lectures on character design which I found rather inspiring and gave me a new look into how to take designing an interesting character by changing the features to become unique and therefore more engaging.. with the use of eye catching character sihouettes, use of shapes, rule of thirds and size.
We then began practice on these with the use of silhouettes before designing a basic character, based on zombies.

19-01-15 (zombies) 01 19-01-15 (zombies) 02

20.01.15-22.01.15 Being ill an unable to attend the lessons for these days I worked from home, going through the lecture presentations and beginning to work on some of the tasks set. For my Stop Motion Pipeline class we looking into the caricatures, the focus of our project. And so to start working through which celebrity I could do for my puppet I worked on some silhouettes..

20.01.15 21.01.15 22.01.15 01 22.01.15 02 22.01.15 03
Overall I feel I am turning towards working on a caricature puppet of Helena Bonham Carter with her dynamic style and features that will shine through in the design.

For Film Analysis I looked through the table of work  example we have to do for the course, looking at detailed analysis of a film scene.

23.01.15 We looked simply into the use of lazer cutters for our course and the possibilities with materials.


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