Fundamentals – Main Project – Drawn Animation Segment

For my project I know I wish to work with 2D drawn animation for the ‘dance film’ aspect of my film as this form shall show the projected film like style most effectively with the sketchy drawing out of it all. Therefore with this in mind I have started the work towards it by capturing a photograph of light projected to a wall and printed this out. This will become the background to the drawings I shall do on plastic to be captured together later. This therefore saving on time and money without having to print out as many backgrounds as I need to draw on.

10482073_306358049553804_866155170965520628_n 20141130_171032 20141118_194530

Working from the original dance film I began to draw out each of the frames for the 9 seconds this projector would be playing.

This works out as about 200 frames drawn out in the end with a few shots of movement being doubled as with some of the steps from one frame to another do not have enough change to be worth drawing another frame all together.

I went about drawing all the frames by starting with the ones at each second I had planned. Then filled in with the half between them and so on and so on until all my frames were done.

With 9 seconds of film this obviously took a long time to draw out all of the animation but though hard work and perseverance I finished all the drawings in time to capture within my third day of using the stop motion rigs.

20141123_222530 20141129_173135 20141129_232048 20141202_152106



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