Fundamentals – Main Project – Animating

Main Project Storyboard


The film projector turning on with the jacket in background of shot and angling the camera towards it slowly. This worked out rather effectively as you see it all and your attention is grabbed straight away.
If I were to improve on this however I would make smoother and therefore move the camera more substantially and equal out the movement.

20141201_140726 20141201_143752


The first shot of the jacket coming to life and beginning to dance was the second part of my animating today. This I feel went well, far greater than I had planned as the movements worked out really well, especially when the movement turns into dancing.
The only way in which I feel I would improve this segment of animation would be if I could smooth out the animating of movements before it turned to dance. However it still works well and shows what I want within the work.

20141201_143829 20141201_145912


I had finished all the drawn frames to capture my drawn animation segment from and so setting up the camera and background later as seen I began to capture each frame on the computer to produce the animation from. Using dragon frame made the whole process far easier as you can line up each frame on the screen as you look at it and work out exactly where is right before you capture it. It is also easy to duplicate frames with the software on the few frames where the movement doesn’t take place.
This overall worked out really well however I could have improved on the framing originally before editing the film.

20141203_112125 20141203_112132


The second shot of the jacket dancing, different angle from the last so you can see the light of the film ‘projected’ onto the wall beside it. I had the moves of the dance planned within my storyboard and animatic so it was just a matter of animating those moves and capturing them with the light on until the film turns off and the jacket falls limp and lifeless.
I feel that this animation session went really well, all of the movements going smoothly and keeping to my animated time as planned. All I have left is to add in the drawn frames to the projected light part of each frame and give the idea that the film is running along next to the jacket.
Drawing out the frames onto the stop motion photographs worked out really well, working as I had before doing each second and then adding the in-betweens until all done and edited together. The movements are very smooth and work exactly as should.

MP_004_01_X1_0001 MP_004_01_X1_0041



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