Fundamentals – Main Project – Planning

Here is the plan of the film I shall create this animation from:

Napoli Solo 00.06 Napoli Solo 00.07

Napoli Solo

More traditional dance style piece from Daisy West

—This is a more traditional style of dance which would therefore be more recognizable a style of movement that people recognize straight off.
—Has a more memorable look of the dancer.
—More movement and bounce to the dance.

Two Shots 00.08 Two Shots 00.15

“Two Shots”

Uniquely choreographed dance routine by Daisy West , Assistant choreographer and rehearsal director Jamie Neale and Danced with Joshua Harriette

—Unique dance style makes for more memorable to the audience.
—Expressive movements.
—Would make for interesting stop motion animation of the jacket.
—More emotion into the style.

I shall be working with the “Two Shots” dance as it is more unique and therefore eye catching as my animation.


– Photograph in Feature Image © Jamie Neale

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