Christmas Holidays Project One – An Animated Merry Christmas – Plan

Well the Christmas Holidays are coming up which means I shall have some  free time on my hands! So some animating MUST be done! So project one (in what I plan to be at least a couple) is a short film to wish everyone a merry Christmas!
The film will be roughly 30 seconds of a series of creatures running around collection the letters for a sign:
M – Christmas card is opened and the letter falls out
E – Pulls the bow on a present to knot l, arms move back to reveal the letter attached
R – Character runs passed with lights, letter falls
R – Character runs passed with tinsel and the letter is attached to end
Y – Character collects up baubles and the letter is under

C – Character pulls out snow flake decoration, letter falls from part of it
H – Angel decoration is picked up, letter revealed under dress
R – Present is placed under the tree, letter falls from branch
I – 25 ‘advent calender door’ opened to reveal letter
S – Saucer with half drunk milk and half eaten carrot picked up to reveal letter
T – Character rummages stocking and pulls out letter
M – Turkey sliced to reveal letter
A – Characters dancing, letter flung in air
S – Characters kiss under mistletoe,  letter falls from pocket

The plan is to have 2 seconds of animation on each letter action and then a final two seconds on the characters gathering together in front of a christmas tree (the letters decorating it in a Merry Christmas sign with all the other decorations), then pausing like a photograph been taken after those few seconds..

All I can say about this plan is I hope it works out well and if the actions don’t work well I’ll cut out letters and slow them down a bit..


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